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How do you learn? Change the approach variously

September 5th, 2020 · 1 min read

[Photo by Sarah Noltner on Unsplash]

This is the first post after throwing away all past articles and renewal by Gatsby template😅

How to strengthen the basic skill?

I have been creating a small web application and it would finish MVP this month. <hopefully!

It is said that it would be good to try building a specific something🙂

One of the problems is that there are cases skills are to be unbalanced.

Output on twitter, reading books, code war and exercise etc…

I have been trying several things include this blog renewal aside from the project.

How do I use this tool🤔?? Change the approach

To recall repeatedly is one of the ways for us to memorize efficiently.

On the way studying JavaScript, thought it might help to have a casual playground.

In particular, I have a bad memory😂 It should!

This will proceed as the combined approach.

That is, “use the tools experimentally” + “create what you want”.

It might be able to interpolate some knowledge.

JavaScript Playground
github: JavaScript Playground

Play in JavaScript Playground to strength basic skill

So, I created the playground on Github.

It is also good if the tools are codepen, jsfiddle or something.

In my case, wanted to see the entire result and also wanted to practice environment building.

Come and see if you are curious🙂

It might change unexpectedly like a creature, it is almost nothing so far, though😅

This article will also change according to the growing🌸



The Playground was changed to “Japanese JavaScript”!

2020.10.31. updated

In the course of playing, I thought it might be good if it is more useful for something.

I sometimes communicate with Japanese learner as a small activity and decided to try to combine it☺️

It will be a learning Japanese place🇯🇵




Creating something by React.

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How do you learn? Change the approach variously

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